Blast Ramp - Systems Integration Guideline and Capabilities

This document summarizes the key touchpoints for vendors looking to integrate their systems with Blast Ramp. Blast Ramp is always open to the development of new or custom solutions for touchpoints/situations not covered in this document.

To request help with integration send an email to



1) .iif Quickbooks Invoice export (Desktop Version)Sample
2) .iif Quickbooks Customer export (Desktop Version)Sample


3) Web service to get a list of existing Customer IDsDetail
4) Web service to get details on a single Customer/RetailerDetail
5) Web service to add/update customersDetail


6) Web service that allows for querying available Line listsDetail
7) Web service that allows for querying of inventory levels by linelistDetail
8) Web service that allows for querying of linelist informationDetail

Sales Order Creation

9) Web service for Creation of OrdersDetail
10) Flat file import as defined by blast ramp (csv)DetailSample

Sales Order Status

11) Web service for querying order details by using a number of different filtersDetail
12) Web service for querying order status by date rangeDetail
13) Web service for querying order status by Order IDDetail
14) Web service for querying the status of orders currently on the warehouse floor being processedDetail
15) Web service for processing an order on the floor as 'Shipped'Detail
16) Web service for Cancelling an order that is currenty in the 'Created' statusDetail

Legacy Web Services

17) If you are supporting an existing technology that relies on our legacy Web Services check here.Documentation